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It gets difficult these days to sift through the garbage and truly find what is true and what will actually get you the results you are looking for.  There is no shortage of information and everyone and their dog seems to be “an expert”.  But you know what the problem is?  That person only wants you to buy their supplement/magazine/etc.


At PPF you will never have to wonder again if what you are doing is working.  Once you experience our unique workout environment and innovative workouts you will FEEL the difference.


You will be working with coaches whose job it is to get you the results you want and coaches who have helped countless other people just like you see the results they wanted.


    Every body is different.  Every person has their own personal injury history and have their own special way that they move.  Sometimes these movements need to be corrected and there needs to be a system in place to help people move better and feel better.  That is why every person at PPF gets an initial screening and then is given specific exercises to perform before they workout.  This way we can individualize each person more and more and really get to where we can help people that is specific to them.


    The two things that everyone says they need the most help with is accountability and motivation.  So, we build it into everyone’s membership.  Everyone sets a goal with one of our coaches each month that we put on our “goal board” and then you check in with one of our coaches at your first and last session each week to see how you are progressing and if we need to make any changes to your workouts and/or your nutrition.


    We also will send you a text and/or email if we haven’t seen you in a few days to help get you motivated to get back into the gym after a rough week.  It’s the extra mile with these things that you won’t get at any other gym


    This is also something that no other gym does and something include this in everyone’s membership.  We don’t just let you rent our equipment and then have you try to figure out how to use it and what to do.


    We sit with you and talk about what your goals are and what you want to work on.  Then we design a custom strength program to help you reach those goals.  You will then be coached on how to execute this plan and how to properly do each exercise.


    Also, known to our members as “Team Training”.  We call it “Team Training” because that’s what we are here at PPF.  We are a team working together for the same common goal.  These are interval HIIT workouts that are scientifically proven to burn fat better than running on the treadmill…and it’s much more interesting 😉


    From slamming medicine balls, to kettlebell swings, suspension training and so much more, you will ignite that inner fire and boost your metabolism for days.


    These are coach led workouts with up to five people in a group.  With the smaller group and more focus from a coach we can work on more technical exercises and more advanced set:rep schems and work:rest ratios.  These workouts will get you stronger and leaner quick and you will soon be able to do things you never thought you could do before.


    These sessions are to work on a fully encompassing plan.  Your coach will take care of everything.  The private sessions will work on the specific things you want to work on and then your coach will be in charge of writing your off-day workouts and giving you the nutrition guidance you need to see the results you want.  This is literally a “done-for-you” approach to fitness.  You will never have to think about what to eat or how to workout again.  All you will have to do is show up and do what your coach instructs you to do.